Address: 5 Kamenicka st., Centar
Phone: 011/4092-614
SIT SYSTEMS Agricultural pharmacies Belgrade

Agricultural center SIT Systems Belgrade offers a broad assortment of following articles at factory prices:

- Fertilizer - complex, water-soluble, organic
- Pesticides - insecticides, funghicides, herbicides, rodenticides, means for organic production
- Planting materials - fruits, roses, flower planting bulbs and more
- Agricultural mechanization
- All agricultural tools and HTZ equipment

SIT Systems in Belgrade also has distribution centers:

DC Dobanovci for Vojvodina region and the DC Vrcin for central and South Serbia.

We provide transportation on the entire territory of Serbia for all purchased goods.

We also offer expert help from engineers of vegetation protection and solutions for all requests.

SIT Systems

Phone: 011.4092.614