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Address: 40 Patrisa Lumumbe at., Karaburma
Belgrade Phone: 011/4125-523, 060/022-3319

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Family System Group is a company that has been in business for a long line of years in the territory of entire Serbia. We provide services in the area of air-conditioning. We attained our good position in the market thanks to our efficiency, precision, dedicated work and high quality relationships with our clients. the success of our business can be tributed to our huge number of happy customers and our references.

We can proudly state that we have performed tens of thousands of services around Serbia. Over the years we gained many permanent customers in commercial and industrial sectors including apartment blocks, offices and educational institutions.

Our team of experts in addition to years of practical experience in installing and servicing air-conditioners is very well versed with all kinds of systems involving hanging elements, central, canal and reversible systems as well as split systems. We can give you consultation services before we begin setting up your system. We can visit your home or office, examine your space and suggest the best options for your space, budget and style.

Our services include:
- Calculating the most efficient systems
- Installing air-conditioning
- Maintaining air-conditioning
- Servicing air-conditioners

There's nothing better for maintaining the pleasant and comfortable environment for you and people around you. Whether you are the owner of the house or business offices you require a system that's reliable, efficient and affordable. Our tea in Family System Group can give you installation of air conditioners in your city and help you save your health and comfort.

Call us and find out what we can do for you.

Installing air-conditioners is an investment. We can save you time and money by offering you the best service of installing and maintaining air-conditioners by offering only the proven brands. You can call us without worry and be sure that you'' get the best services.