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What kind of therapy is that? The advantages of the medicinal herbs and bees’ products that have been used in different kinds of treatments have been known since the ancient time. Therapy of phitotherapist and biologist Slobodan Tesic consists of the crowned kinds of medicinal herbs and bees’ products that are used in treating of sterility. The medicinal herbs used in the therapy originate from the Andes, Ural Mountain and from our region. Among the bees’ products there are the best quality kinds of honey, bee bread, propolise and pollen manufactured in ecological sanitarian environments. All components that make the therapy are pharmaceutically tested and are being regularly analyzed for health correctness in registered laboratories. Therapy is determined for each case of marriage sterility according to the diagnosis and after an expert consult with Slobodan Tesic in order to remove the causes of the sterility in a right way. The most often causes of sterility in women are: 1. Mechanical obstacles in reproductive organs, such as impenetrability of oviducts, growths in oviducts, cysts on the ovaries, myoma… 2. Hormonal disorders, the most often of which are : amenorrhoea (the absence of menstrual period in women), anovulatory cycles (ovulation fails to occur), polycystic ovary syndrome… 3. presence of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenous microorganisms, which are more and more often causes of unsuccessful pregnancies today. 4. Endometriosis The most often diagnoses with men are: 1. Oligoastenospermia 2. Necrospermia 3. Azospermia, total immovability of spermatozoids, in which cases the therapy of Slobodan Tesic gives very good results. However, one of the crucial causes of sterility, both for women and men is a psychological factor, expressed through only one thought and that is an IMMENSE DESIRE FOR POSTERITY. The therapy is used for three months and it is very important to be in a constant contact with Slobodan Tesic during the therapy, in order to monitor the progress end efficiency of the therapy. With his long time experience and knowledge “Blagodeti Bozje apoteke” (the blessings of the God’s pharmacy) phitotherapy of Slobodan Tesic enables many marriage couples to acquire the happiness of the true parenting. So thanks to the therapy in mahy homes after the long time and exhausting analyses and sterility treatments you can finally hear children’s laughter. It is important to note that the therapy has a wide use in IVF programs, as a preparation of the body to accept the embryo. In this way the bigger possibility for successful pregnancy is enabled. It is especially important for the couples for whom the IVF program is the only possible treatment of sterility. It is also important to note that there are a larger number of untenable pregnancies, where the problem is not only the conceiving of a child, but a larger number of miscarriages. For all the above reasons the therapy is adjusted to this kind of secondary sterility, as a preparation of the body to accept and keep the baby. In case of the problems of untenable and high risk pregnancies special place takes the therapy for pregnancy maintenance which includes all nine months. With the therapy for pregnancy maintenance, we also include all official medical means for monitoring of the fetal development.