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Our family tradition of making natural products dates back to the 50s of the last century when Velimir Veljko Paunic aka Chico, a host and farmer, became involved in beekeeping. Today he is an eminent member of the Beekeeper Association of Serbia and apiculture society president for life in Macva district.

The quality of bee products from his hives is confirmed by many medals and awards that he received.

Tradition was continued by his daughter Visnja Paunic Nikolic. When her husband, Djordje Nikolic began suffering from asthma, this Belgrader, running away from the official medicine along with his wife, found a solution in nature. The combination of honey and natural calcium, helps him and their son, Stanko, who is ill with a severe form of bronchitis. Respiratory symptoms were no longer a problem. Family helped everybody who led the struggle with asthma, brohinitisom, sinusitis, allergic ranitisom or smoking-cough.

After a few years later, in the 2007th , in Belgrade, Stanko founded the company, Cortex Labs Ltd. The production and distribution of natural products is becoming the main activity of this domestic company. Besides the miraculous combination of honey and organic calcium, today called Primed 2, there occur twelve natural products based on bee products (honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis) and herbs. This synergy is where the solution is for many health problems - respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, problems with anemia, osteoporosis, urinary problems and digestive tract.

Today, you can buy Primed preparations of the same name in herbal pharmacy - Primed in Belgrade, as well as all of Vozdovac's better equipped pharmacies and shops in Serbia.

Numerous satisfied users have given a strong boost to further expansion of our wholesale network Primed products. Therefore, Primed preparations are made available outside the borders of Serbia - Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and EU countries. i časopisima kao što su Lekovito bilje, Magično bilje, Top zdravlje i Žena i zdravlje.">The experiences of satisfied customers can be found on our website - and magazines such as medicinal herbs, magical herbs, health and Top Women and Health.