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ALU I PVC CARPENTRY SOLIC Awnings, shades Belgrade

Independent workshop Šolić for many years engaged in the production, sale and installation of PVC, aluminum joinery, blinds, Venetian blinds and mosquito nets, as well as sealing the existing windows. The activity of our company is and glazing systems!

Carpenter solution that can help you conserve heat your apartment, house during the winter time and reduce heating bills or to protect the cold during the summer and again reduce heating bills.

Sealing of wooden doors allows using liquid rubber or aluminum strips close the gap that emerged bending carpentry and thus prevent the loss / heat penetration into the room.
This is a great solution if you are not able to replace the wooden doors and windows enduring PVC.

PVC joinery
PVC is an excellent choice for your windows and doors. They are made of high quality PVC material, not a curve is due to the steel reinforcement which improves the static characteristics of the plastic material.

A large number of chambers in the plastic profile and provides better insulation, since the air is a better insulator with respect to the I PVC.

In addition to thermal insulation pvc joinery is odlizan soundproof and after its installation amount of noise coming from the room was noticeably smaller. Apart from better insulation, PVC profiles are easier to maintain. They do not require painting, varnishing, it is enough to them from time to time overwrite a soft cloth with soapy water. Also pvc windows do not absorb water, does not rot.
In our production we use high quality materials, as well as bonds. For you, our craftsmen take the field in order to take the correct measures, but after the installation have less work to handle opening.
Also our masters perform quality installation of joinery manufactured in pre-arranged time.

venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are idalno and practical solution for protection from sun, curious neighbors, but also the decoration of the interior.
Venetian blinds are manufactured in a large range of colors so you can choose the color that will complement your interior.

Venetian blinds can be installed on any hardware, so what is the frame box sets at which the Venetian, and it is operated using wires or rods. There are also blinds with motor mechanism which is operated via remote control or a button on the wall.
Venetian blinds are made from aluminum which gives them longevity and natural way to use influence on their expiration date.
Venetian blinds can be created and placed on the roof windows, ie. the angled windows.


Blinds are one of the first window protection and our privacy policy.

Blinds are the perfect and long lasting choice for protecting your windows from wind, rain, snow, cold .... and have a greater thermal and resonance izolcaija. Of course, protect your privacy in all prenaseljenijim places.
There are internal blinds that are installed during the construction of the facilities, and if this is not the case for you and you want the blinds, you can opt to set up external blinds.
External blinds are installed on all types of windows, and have outer box located above the windows on the outside.

Shutters can be made of PVC plastic or aluminum.
PVC blinds have long life because they are made from high quality materials resistant to various weather conditions.
Blinds glide up and down the guide lines, and you can opt for making shutters with scissors and allow the blinds "away" from the window.
Of course, only handling blinds also affects the length of its duration.

Insect screens

Mosquito nets are an ideal way to prevent the entry of unwanted insects, flies, mosquitoes ... in your apartment, house, office space, warehouse ....
Mosquito nets can be placed on windows, doors, skylights and izdadjeni are made of high quality fiberglass material that ensures longevity them.
According to your needs and preferences, you can set a fixed mosquito nets, mosquito nets hinged, mosquito nets.
Fixed insect screen is quite easy and affordable solution. There is a frame with a fiberglass mesh on the outside of the window. Setting up and dismantling but are quite fast. Blinds for all types of windows
Komarnik magnetic hinge operates by opening the door. Ideal solution for doors
Roller blinds enable you to mesh up / down by the window, and at the door roller blinds slide left / right.