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Address: 73 Sarajevska st. // 44 Sarajevska st. // 157 Lole Ribara st., Zeleznik // 79 Pozeska st., Banovo brdo // 22 Kataniceva st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 060/5767-903, 011/3660-318 // 060/5767-905 // 062/88-00-509, 060/5767-906, 060/5767-902 // 060/5767-901

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- We invite you to come to our bakery. - We offer a wide range of savory and sweet pastries. - Freshness, quality and prompt impeccable service is our business credo. - The production of cakes do not use additives, emuglatore, taste improvers, preservatives and dyes, so that our powder natural and healthy food.
Our recipes for the production of pastry recipes are craftsmen. - Our friendly staff will ensure that you leave with a smile and full stomach.
We expect you soon. Your Bakery JOVANOVIC