Address: 42 Bircaninova st., Savski venac
Phone: 065/3434-983
KOMSIJA PLUS BAKERY Bakeries, bakery equipment Belgrade

Bakery "Komsija" (Neighbor) is located in the municipality Savski venac in Belgrade. You can find us in Bircaninova street at number 42, near Slavija Square and St. Sava temple. Thanks to the diversity of our range of products, which were met with positive reviews of our fellow citizens, we took the leading position among bakeries in Belgrade.

We have existed and worked for many years, keeping the tradition of good services and manufacturing will not find in any other bakeries.

Lovers of always fresh rolls recommend that you stop by to us and try out products from our extensive offer, which will elevate their senses. We will tickle your imagination with our irresistibly delicious and fragrant products that are inherently ideal meal or supplement to your favorite dishes.

Highlights from our offer:

- Homemade bread - bread without additives
- The most delicious cakes - salty and sweet
- pizza
- Kotel
- sandwiches
- Frozen pastry -
- pies
- burek

When do you expect guests or get unexpected guests and you do not have adequate refreshments for them, our sweet and savory pastries are your best solution. The best and most delicious pastries and bread without additives, delight your guests with its unusual freshness and flavor.

Bakery neighbor, Birčaninova 42, Belgrade.