Address: 2 Majakovskog st., Zemun
Phone: 060/0733-003, 063/7038-302
BLUES ROCK CAFE BAR TRANZIT Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Transit is a blues rock cafe bar in the center of Zemun, on the corner Gundulićeve and Mayakovsky, located along the Zemun park and Clinical Center (KBC) Zemun.

The first thing that attracts more at first glance is unusual interior transit. Blues, rock, jazz and in every sense of the inevitable guitar are there to encourage good humor and free spirit. Zemunci this is the most beautiful place to Gotse Delchev, many reminiscent of New York, and me to Dublin or Amsterdam Aires de Janeiro.

Words are hard to describe the feeling when you try our coffee, people after the first sip imagine the deep and say, "What's good coffee." This must always be returned.

Everything happens in front of you. Coffee, natural squeezed juices and shakes of seasonal fruit full of vitamins and excellent for detoxification of the body that children and those who feel that love. Draught beer Kozel and the Czech Pilsner.

Since we have a quality local wines white, red and rose, a white rose and make a great big spritzer which we are fighting against great thirst.

Daily offer moving soon, meals will be changed every day, sometimes we make cannelloni, once bruschetta, handmade prayers in the garden in the summer we basil from whom we make great pesto Genovese, winter will make guacamole that are great in combination with pitta bread, suffer from olive is a must, as well as cheese cake and our wonderful juicy muffins.

Much of our offer such as coffee, smoothies, freshly squeezed juice, wine and spirits can be obtained in a version "Sorry, I'm in a hurry" Transit to go.

In Transit arranged to date promotions, celebrations, presentations, cocktail parties, gatherings, and recently working almost constantly, from 07:00 to 24:00 on weekdays and weekends and longer.

Follow our site i facebook page Transit Mayakovsky 2 Zemun for gigs, quizzes and other events in our club, all information on and phone 060/0733003 and 063/7038302.