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Phone: 065/2272-314
E-mail: nbgshane@mts.rs
GO COFFEE GO SOLAR COFFEE TAKEAWAY Bars and night-clubs Belgrade

Are you planning to organize children's birthday or another celebration in the open nature and you'd like do have a real espresso and nescaffe or some cold drink and there is no cafe in sight. This is why we are here and you can rent us out and have a nature cafe for a day.

For the first day in our region, new and unique in the city GO COFFEE GO vehicle in solar energy one step away from you at any time and in different locations in the city (right now we are in Ada Ciganlija).

If you never believed there could be a movile cafe bar or a store we are here to prove you wrong in the best way.

Our piaggio ap (image to the right) is equipped with the latest technology and ready to satisfy all your wishes and ideas.

Try our delicious takeaway coffee and a huge selection of always cold drinks.

You can see us in many events.

We are open for cooperation regarding vehicle branding. All interested can contact us on 065/22-72-314

Visit us and ENJOY!