Beauty salons Belgrade

Address: 150 Ratka Mitrovica st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 060/3546-819, 064/1820-734, 011/2331-724

4/ 5stars

Salon Diva's offers a friendly atmosphere where you can relax and let the team of experts in the field kozmetikologije and permanent make-up, and enjoy hands of top stylists.

The Salon Diva's deficiencies can be corrected with the help of permanent makeup and with Goldeneye method. So you can get a brand new, fresher, brighter look, or just point out some details such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, ...
Goldeneye offers you the opportunity to permanently hold the individual beauty with fine lines and slightly drawing of eyelashes, eyebrows, eyeliner ... Our PMU (Permanent make-up) not only looks good but is also waterproof, hypoallergenic and always adapts to the type of customer.
Depending on skin type, UV rays, lasting up to several years. During this time the color slowly fades to eventually become completely invisible.
Of course, you can always refresh your PMU or do completely different design after it fades.
Goldeneye colors are produced only from trusted material with the largest so. ,, Certificates of purity. "
Our colors are of special quality, and we classify them in a unique color system in order to simplify and facilitate a choice of color for work, of course - the choice in accordance with the type client!


Facials (Biodroga systems) http://www.biodroga.rs/
biological treatments
-Anti age
-treatment with fruit acids
-oxigen treatment
-mikrodermoabrazija face

Hair Removal

Complete hairdressing services (REVLON preparations)
-all kinds of hair care
-kolorizacija and design
-dubinski treatments for hydrating - Hydra rescue
-botox dryer
-orofluido treatment
Buster mask

Fingernails are treated exclusively INTERNATIONAL ALESSANDRO products: http://www.alessandro-international.rs/
Alessandro GmbH is a German company that has positioned itself in the world as the premier professional home in the care of hands and nails.
-ojačavanje and correction of natural nails (gel, lac, lac strip).

aesthetic and medical

-Chocolate lamps

What I especially recommend is professional makeup and formal hair styles for all occasions.

Office Hours salon weekdays and Saturdays from 09h to 20h Sundays from 10h to 15h.

It is preferable scheduling.