Address: 22 Francuska st.
Phone: 011/7235-374, 064/1739-039
E-mail: petramm@open.telekom.rs
Website: www.salondragica.rs

In a flood of small businesses of various occupations and professions, today though, few of those for whom it can be said that the rulers of his profession in the world and the God-given needs of modern man. Among them is certainly a beautician Dragica Petrovic Kuzman that created a right little empire for beauty care and preservation of a healthier-looking.

The beautifully landscaped area on about 120 square meters, at 22 Francuska street in Belgrade, with much love, talent and expertise to their clients with what is now considered the world's top cosmetology. Behind her is more than three decades of hard work and wholehearted in this highly demanding field of medicine, which is devoted from his early youth.

From the very beginning, in a small glassed-in terrace of their apartment in Zemun, in more than a modest circumstances, Dragica Petrovic Kuzman weighing the best, using the gifts of his work prirode.Uvek is believed to have a beneficial effect peels and treatments based on ingredients from plant and marine world, constantly exploring and perfecting it. He regularly went to international trade fairs and congresses beauticians in Athens, Rome and Bologna.

She was in Beijing and Dubai, and Paris has almost become her city, where at least once a year hanging out with beauticians from all over the world.

Thus, through an agent in our market, came to cosmetic preparations PAB home from Paris, with whom he has worked for 15 years. Today all the latest from the world of brands coming to her salon "Dragica". That a wide range of products PAB her skillful hands giving fascinating results confirm its best customers, including more and more people from cultural and public life.

The work of the expert witnesses for beauty care and numerous awards and special recognition given to her by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Belgrade to promote handicrafts. Ensure the quality of our salons and Treat your visit to us.