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Address: 20b Ljubicka st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/566-03-59, 011/398-51-68

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In our salon we can apply hot or cold waxing .

Hot wax : usually involves the removal of longer hair and is often less painful than cold waxing. Compared to waxing cold , hot is more often applied to sensitive parts of the body such as the armpits and groin .

Cold waxing : Applies usually affects people with shorter and stronger hair , although it can work well on thinner and longer . The method of hair removal start disinfecting the skin of the body that shaves . Followed by the application of wax and depending on whether the hot and cold comes , the wax is removed properly . Warm wax is processed at a specific temperature , which involves the removal of all kinds of bacteria and dirt from it . Wax that she shaves crotch throws . People who have dilated capillaries and are prone to cracking them should not do hot waxing , it is our recommendation to use cold waxing instead. After completion of this procedure , we use milk , oil or aloe gel on waxed body part to alleviate redness and skin hydration .