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Address: 5 Kneginje Zorke st., Slavija
Belgrade Phone: 011/2432-337, 063/307-587

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Be beautiful, be nurtured ... Be happy with yourself ... When you want time for yourself, take a short break for the soul and the body, and the opportunity to collect new strength in the center of town, near the church of St. Sava and Slavia offers a haven of peace and beauty. In one place, you can enjoy everything that you need to look good and feel good. Professional staff with the training and supervision of Mrs. Maya Srdanov, salon owner, with sixteen years of experience in cosmetics, guarantees the highest quality of medical treatments and skin care face and body. In preparation of our salon you will find: MARIO Biodroga BADESCU AURIEGE Ella Bache AFRODITA DR. Temt KEENWELL Ainhoa NACTIVE Renergique TREATMENTS ONLY IN PRINCESS BEAUTY SALON - MARIO BADESCU! Treat yourself to a facial with any celebrity personalities from Manhattan! Mario Badescu Facials - Super Collagen treatment - treatment is ideal before a special occasion, because of the incredibly refreshed, taut and shiny skin! - Hydration - vitamin C - one of the most important antioxidants for the skin, effective in correcting damaged skin such as cracked capillaries, dry and dehydrated skin, hyperpigmentation, weakened skin tone and elasticity! - The classic treatment - treatment for facial telangiectasias Aparaturni JCE - ultrasonic cleansing Biolaser Miolift Twin System - Lymphatic drainage and vacuum JCE - Ultrasonic Skin System - coffee ultrasonic cleansing - HIT! The only device that addresses all the needs of the skin in a single treatment! 5 in 1 - Piling - cleaning blackheads - Lifting - hydration - Circulation Within one treatment, in addition to cleansing, exfoliation and allows, hydration, increase microcirculation and skin tone! Twin treatment system allows the vacuum apparatus lymphatic drainage, especially important for persons or puffiness around the eye area. Also, vacuum stimulation to get tighter and tighter skin of face, neck and chest. Biolaser Lasers are one of the most effective devices for solving problems in dermatology. Indications for the use of lasers in cosmetology are: - Acne - different forms of acne - rosacea - telangiectasias - Stretch marks - hypertrophic scars - keloids Miolift this apparatus can be achieved: - lifting facial - Improving the tone of the eyelids and area around the eyes - Stimulate circulation - stimulates the discharge of pollutants - Removes the dryness of skin One client - one dermaroler Mesotherapy vibrating dermarolerom Genosys - HIT! The salon Princess using the latest types of DTS dermarolera with vibration - allowing comfortable intensive treatment with visible results. A new concept for the natural production of collagen in the skin. Enables much higher pass rate of active ingredients into the dermis and epidermis for consistently reduce wrinkles, skin tone gets better, and the situation of scars and stretch marks up big time. Stem cells - HIT! Stem cells are the stem cells from apples. This treatment prevents premature aging of the skin, strengthens the dermis, increases the level of hydration. Improves the barrier function of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Gives the skin immediate firming effect. Hyaluronic treatment - feel the power of serum Collagen Hydration Surlifting Rege white - skin whitening Fruit Acid Treatment Microdermabrasion acne treatment for oily skin treatment for telangiectasias treatment for removing wrinkles and bags around the eyes aromatherapy facial BODY TREATMENTS gypsum shorts - oligoessencije - HIT! Perfect discovery that reduces the number of all ready in just 45 minutes.! Body wrap treatments Ultrasound algae mask with fruit acids Twin System - Lymphatic drainage and vacuum CORPO 02 - electro Massage Massage with volcanic stones Relax Therapeutic Sports Anticelulit CORPO 02 - SORISIN most effective device for electrostimulation: Lipolysis (fat reduction) Cellulite Body Reshaping Tummy body TWIN SYSTEM Treatment of the vacuum apparatus to lymphatic drainage, especially important for persons or puffiness around the eye area. Also, vacuum stimulation to get tighter and tighter skin of face, neck and chest. Miracle "cosmetics aparativne" the most effective tool in the fight against cellulite. Coffee has remarkable results in: - refurbishment of all types of cellulite - and tightening of the face and body - is a powerful driver of the metabolic processes of the circulation of the lymph, which also means a drain of the body of all toxins - an excellent effect in "heavy legs" and because of its subtlety can be used by pregnant women with problems puffiness and water retention in the body. DETOX SPA (detoxication) Detox Spa is a device that frees toxins from the body, establishing a bioenergy balance and improves circulation. Ionized water and characteristic frequencies stimulate the cells in the active work. Toxins come out through the pores of the feet. First vibrations gently run through your body to stimulate the cells in the body. This provides a balance of energy in the cells that begin to work more efficiently and to expel toxins through the pores of our 4000 feet. Get rid of the harmful substances from the body (nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, grease, pesticides ...) with DETOX SPA manicure and pedicure appliances Classic Manicure Paraffin Hand (paraffin gloves) Nail chiropody Strengthen natural nails and permanent frenc- OPI gel technique and varnishes Crisnail Classic Pedicure Medical Spa Detox OTHER SERVICES HAIR REMOVAL COLD WAX - guns intimate waxing - hot and cold wax, sugar paste silky lashes Hollywood Lashes Eyelash Minival eyelash eyelash coloring