Billiards club Belgrade

Address: 19 Majke Jevrosime st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 064/4465-843

4/ 5stars

Billiards Cue Ball Club was started in April 2006, was established from a great love of billiards and a desire for Belgrade to get the first real professional billiards club. As a reward for the hard work and effort billiard club Cue Ball in 2009 was host to one of the biggest competitions in Eastern Europe - Dynamic Best of the East.

Billiards club "Cue Ball" is one of the leading clubs in terms of sports pool in Serbia. On the basis of installed and grounded in the Cue ball-in function, many clubs in Serbia.

Cue ball club with the most members, and from it came the players who are now key players in other clubs.

The club is equipped with excellent tables that have been certified by the European Federation of billiards and are used for the organization of international tournaments. Also, the scarf and the balls are the same as the major world competitions. The room is air-conditioned so you do not spoil the atmosphere.

In the billiards club Cue ball you can feel the true magic pool and learn how to look at the world championships.

In addition, the cue ball is a high quality school of pool run by instructors with European licenses, and the school can quickly master the secrets of pool and become a professional player.

With a true sporting environment, you can enjoy the pleasant music and other benefits that the club offers. Anyone who loves and respects pool to afford to visit more than welcome in our club. What sets us apart from other pool clubs are the prices compared to the quality that they are definitely the lowest in the city.