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Address: 19 Starine Novaka st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3293-213, 011/334-8801, 063/657-908

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Accounting agency Dramin offers all the bookkeeping, accounting and legal services in one place. Drawing on the knowledge and experience from years of work, we can offer a quality service that will allow you to successfully do business and meet your obligations.
What characterizes the work of our agency's expertise, accuracy and professionalism of our team, which is always ready to answer all your requirements. How to make your business successful, we strive to provide all customers with maximum support in bookkeeping.

Accounting agency Drafin offers the following services:
- Registration of shops
- Accounting services
- Liquidation of companies
- Accounting services
- Tax consulting
- Business Consulting
- Financial consulting
- Starting a Business
- Payroll

Company registration in Serbia is often a complicated business, but not in the accounting agency Drafin. Each client or company individually and thus fail to provide the appropriate type of service that is related to their activities.
With years of experience and professional staff, we are able to professionally meet all the business requirements of our clients who trust in us. For all the tasks we take full responsibility. All bookkeeping, accounting and legal services in one place.
Accounting agency Drafin, Starine Novaka 19, Belgrade.