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AGENCY VIVER MAX - ACCOUNTING Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

MAX Agency VIVER Dominus plus was recently founded in 1991. Max Weaver Agency has a team of employees who daily update documentation in consultation with the client.

Bookkeeping services for:
# Companies
# commission
# Hospitality
# Pharmacies
# Travel Agencies

# Computer processing of data
# Daily update
# The preparation and presentation of financial statements

Thanks to the professional team of qualified and proven software solutions we offer complete bookkeeping and accounting service.

Posting of account #
# Preparation and printing of calculation for the wholesale and retail
# Book entry accounts
# The book of invoices
# Takings discharge (trade register)
# Keeping account books
# Calculation of VAT
# KEPU book
# Preparation of financial statements
# Payroll (with forms and applications for transfer)
# Preparation of final accounts

Interpreted regulations in the framework of economic and financial affairs.
Representation in front of the financial authorities to control.

Courier Service - in agreement with you is at your disposal our courier service

Working hours of the agency: 09:00 to 16:00;