Book-keeping agencies Belgrade

Address: 34 Terazije st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/4081-294, 063/8190-120

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"AM Agency " Ltd.
Belgrade , Terazije 34
Provides accounting and bookkeeping services , all legal entities .

Agency owner has many years of experience and worked on tasks of bookkeeping and accounting since 1997, in foreign and our companies , budget companies , foreign missions , which are treated as non-residents . It has licensed the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia since 1997, passed the license of the Board for money laundering and terrorist financing 15.10.2013 and passed the training for ERS polseduje licensed assistant to the trustee of the Bankruptcy trustee.

We are engaged in keeping business records to other legal entities , as well as bookkeeping for trustees . In addition to keeping books and doing the opening and closing of the legal person or the liquidation and deletion, interest, documentation preparation firms apluciraju loan or lease and all other etched above, the calculation of salaries and other earnings from work and out of employment , accounting interest and other .

The address for receiving mail :
12 Zdravka Celara street, lokal 70
11000 Beograd