Car centers Belgrade

Address: 3a Kralja Petra I st., Mladenovac
Belgrade Phone: Tel/Fax: 011/8244-600

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Car Center Mihailovic Created on 12th of May 1985, as the car repair shop Gojko Mihailovic. In 1991 we transform the enterprise until, in 2000 it was almost exclusively engaged in machining the engine and is now quickly becoming a leader in this part of Šumadija ... After 2000 the "Car Center Mihailovic" significantly expands the capacity and range of services, so that almost all the necessities for any one car can be found in one place ... In early 2008 the "Car Center Mihailovic" becomes an authorized service for vehicles, "Skoda" ... Today, the "Car Center Mihailovic" is a modern, organized service, equipped with the latest equipment and tools, as evidenced by certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, obtained from the world's leading certification company "SGS" ... In addition to servicing Skoda vehicles to the warranty, as well as after warranty period, the Auto Center and Mihailovic is: - Machining of all types and engine types, - Reglaža gear of all types of cars and vans, - Repair services and sales of tires of all brands of most groups (Michelin, Good Year, Continental, Bridgestone ...) - All kinds of mechanic's services on all types of cars and commercial vehicles, - Electrical and a sofa, - Servicing auto air conditioners, - Wash the vehicle with the latest washing rotating brushes Italian manufacturer "Ceccato," - Sale of original parts of the VW Group (Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi). Working hours "Auto Center Mihailovic" - From 08.00 to 16.00 on weekdays and Saturdays. - Sunday is a working day.