Car Insurance Belgrade

Address: 48 Milana Rakica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/3808-102, 062/8870-168

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Vehicle registration agency “AVAKUM” is located in Zvezdara municipality, at 48 Milana Rakica street, office 1, right next to the police station. Our team of young people who have experience in this line of business will save you time at affordable prices. We will perform all legal work related to vehicle registration for you in the shortest possible time.

The services we offer at “AVAKUM”:
• Vehicle registration for citizens and businesses (citizens may pay in up to 6 monthly installments using citizen cheques)
• Vehicle liability insurance
• Partial kasko (insurance for all the glasswork on the vehicle)
• Kasko insurance
• Green cards
• Full insurance
• Transfer of ownership (buying and selling contracts and authorization)
• Travel insurance
• Taxes for transferring full motor vehicle rights in the territory of Belgrade
• Documentation preparation
• Photocopying
• Cancelling vehicle registration
• Finishing procedures at the police station

Show us your trust and you will see our expertise and professionalism for yourself.