Car service Belgrade

Address: 223b Ugrinovacka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 069/3327-904, 011/661-5160

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We are a team of professionals with appropriate education and work experience in the field of furnishing and maintenance of equipment in car services of all kinds, lines for technical inspection and car wash.

From us you can seek and expect a quality service in the following stages of the development of your service:
Design of the object: We provide consulting services for the definition of space, necessary equipment, its schedule necessary connections and other details that are necessary prerequisites to gain work in the service be as effective.

Preparing for the purchase of equipment: We provide consulting services on the justification of our investment in certain equipment and services.

Procurement of equipment: We offer equipment from different manufacturers and models, which is high quality and long-lasting in operation, after a favorable price. With us you will equip service on a "turnkey".

Maintenance of equipment in warranty periods and beyond: Our organization of work is set so that the solution of the problems in exploitation of equipment for us the priority task regardless of when and how it occurred. Our employees have developed an awareness of our part of the responsibility for the successful functioning of our partners. We also accept and work maintenance of equipment purchased from another supplier.

Getting the necessary tools to work in the service
• We participate in defining your requirements
• Helping in the selection of the optimal equipment
• We plan and carry out the installation
• We train your employees to operate the equipment
• Servicing equipment
• Calibrate equipment

• Cranes - pole, scissor, built into the floor
• Demonterke and Balanserke
• Equipment for wheel alignment
• Equipment for the technical inspection of vehicles
• Centralized distribution of oil and antifreeze
• Drain the exhaust gases from the vehicle
• Compressors
• Automatic car wash
• Other auto service equipment
Maintenance and servicing
With minimal investment in our services preventive controls and periodic service enable your equipment to meet the increased number of operating hours before the defect or replacement of worn parts.