Car wash Belgrade

Address: 228 Vojvode Stepe st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 065/848-3339

4/ 5stars

Fast car washing service “BG CAR” is located in Vozdovac municipality in Belgrade at 228 Vojvode Stepe street.

Currently due to the reconstructions going in in Vojvode Stepe street the easiest way to reach is is through the Bose Milicevic street which leads out to the Liberation Boulevard near FON.

The most famous automatic car wash service in the neighborhood in which your car will recieve the complete treatment swiftly and efficiently.

We offer the following car-cleaning services:

-Exterior wash for all vehicles
-Interior cleaning
- In-depth wash

BG Car is fully equipped with highest quality modern equipment and offers you the fastest vehicle washing. Washing your car using adequate products will preserve its paintwork for longer and protect from damages. The best stop for every car owner who wants the highest quality services has to be our BG CAR in Vozdovac.

Car wash at very affordable prices will make your vehicle shin in record time. Give your transportation its former glow and beauty by coming to BG CAR where highest quality car wash awaits you.

We are expecting you, your BG CAR car washing service in Vozdovac.