Car wash Belgrade

Address: 4 Kruzni put st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/5258-533, 065/9524-147

4/ 5stars

RS Self Service Car Wash is located at 4 Vozdovacki road, in the settlement Stepa Stepanovic in Belgrade. We offer you the opportunity to give back exceptional shine and appearance to your vehicle.

Our car wash was created primarily as a result of a desire to offer customers fast and efficient service at a very reasonable price that will meet their quality expectations. We have designed the perfect indoor place for washing motor vehicles in all weather conditions, easy to use and easy to adapt to customer requirements.

Bring your vehicle to the perfect look in just a few steps:

Our clients can use our high-quality chemicals for washing, which will effectively remove all dirt from the surface of their car, leaving it clean and shiny. Also there are programs to protect paint and polish, which gives the client the ability to design your own personal program washing cars. Vacuum cleaners that can be used are specifically designed to thoroughly eliminate dust and other forms of dirt in the internal parts of your vehicle.

We emphasize that the apparatus for washing and vacuuming the car does not receive tokens, but only paper money, in the amount of 10 - 1000 rsd. This means that significantly shortened the process of starting the washing and vacuuming of your car, or you do not have to buy chips first, but directly in the camera, insert the desired amount of money, which estimate that will be necessary in order to clean your car.

Prices of our services:
- Washer 50 RSD / 90 seconds
- Suction 50 rsd / 305 seconds
With the car wash we give you GLOSS FOR TIRES FOR VEHICLE PARFEM and, in gratitude for the trust you have placed in us.

In addition, we offer a service that specializes in selling equipment and accessories for all types of cars in our market. We have a large number of well-known and trusted brands. We are especially proud of our offer XENON and LED lights. Also in our offer we have:
- Bi xenon projector
- Installation and sales of headlights
- Complete restoration of the washer
- Polishing of headlights
- Updating headlights
- Parking sensors
- Parking Camera
- Rotating light
- Electric car jack
- Xenon (sets, light bulbs, adapters and connectors, converters)
- LED light
- The Central lock
- Auto alarms
- Auto Multimedia
- Navigation.
Working time:
- Every day from 00 - 24h
Contact phones:
064/525 85 33
065/952 41 47
Washing cars and trucks, as well as motorcycles and scooters.
Fast, efficient and very affordable!
See for yourself.
Self-service car wash and the washer "RS CarWash Self Service" Belgrade.