Carpets Belgrade

Address: 16 Majke Jugovic st., Batajnica // 129 Pukovnika Milenka Pavlovica st., Batajnica
Belgrade Phone: 011/848-5630, 011/848-2311, 063/8533-854

4.5/ 5stars

We are a company that has worked in selling floor coverings for 25 years.

In our showrooms, in two locations in Batajnica, you can find a large selection of Turkish carpets, Belgian carpets, rugs and carpets Moldovan company Tarkett from Backa Palanka.

In addition to a wide selection of carpets, we have enriched our product range and offer:

- carpeting
- PVC flooring
- Sports floors
- Needled floor
- Path to the house
- Path for business premises
- mattresses
- beds
- chandeliers
- ceiling fixtures
- pictures
- Footpads and lazy bag's
- Curtain rods and curtains
- bedding
- Bathroom rugs

In our store you can find a lot of things for your home.

With affordable prices and with friendly staff that is at your disposal for your every dilemma and the dilemma with multiple payment methods (checks in 6 monthly installments, credit card, cash or even administrative ban if you work in one of the state-owned companies with whom we have concluded contract of sale and the trade union to the 12 monthly installments), you will go out of our salon with a smile on his face.

Come to our Company store, and we will do our best to get us again.

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