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Hyaluronic fillers
Face and body mesiotherapy
PRP - rejuvenation using your own blood plasma rich in growth factors
Chemical peeling
Correction and enlargement of the lips.



In our center you can expect the following treatments: hyaluronic fillers, lip correction, face and body mesiotherapy, chemical peel, mesionites and PRP - rejuvenation using your own blood plasma. If you'd like to shine and have your results visible immediately, rejuvenate your face, body and bring out the best in you, Aesthetic Style Center is your best choice.

Working with the latest generation products, professionalism and a high level of expertise are the main qualities of our center. The methods we use are modern and in accordance with the latest world trends while our equipment is of the highest quality.

At our center you can find best quality anti-ageing treatments that utilize hyaluronic fillers which can be used to flatten deep wrinkles by injecting the hyaluronic filler directly into the wrinkles:

- increasing lips, hydrating lips, correcting lip asymmetry
- preventin wrinkles and keeping the skin's hydrobalance
- non-surgical facial lifting
- correcting nose lines
- contures of the cheek and cheekbones
- filling in the tear lines and correcting rings under the eyes.
- Rejuvenating hands
- Rejuvenating cleavage skin
- Correcting scars

As one of the most highly requested treatment which gives special visual benefits to the face we have our lip correction and enlargement. In addition to achieving volume you can lift up the corner of your lips, correct existing asymmetry, accentuate the contures and remove the tiny wrinkles around the lips.

PRP is an extremely efficient and safe method where there's no risk of any allergy reaction since PRP is obtained from your blood so the procedure is 100% safe. In aesthetic PRP has been used for a while and offers excellent results: it increases the amount of collagen fibers, the skin becomes tighter, more plump, glossy, the rings under the eyes less visible.

Mesiotherapy can be done on the face, neck, chest and hands. The doctor determins which mesiotherapy cocktail they will apply depending on the current condition of your skin. As result of this method we slow the ageing process and improve the appearance and quality of the skin.

Body mesiotherapy is a method through which we apply adequate products in the skin and subdermal tissue. Depending on the need, mesiotherapy is used to remove localized fat deposits, reduce cellulite, tighten and rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the muscles. At the same time we have excellent body anti-oxydation.

Our best recommendation is the flawless beauty of absolutely all of our patients and the appearance defined by the modern trend of a cared for woman and men. Call us, get informed and see how special we are. You will be welcomed by doctors with enviable reputations and experience in anti-ageing medicine and dentistry.