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CWG Group with private companies in over 20 countries and distributors in over 50 countries, is one of Europe's largest distributors of equipment, machinery and chemicals for the chemical treatment of water. A wide range of components that offer cas implementation of each type of plant but also allows users to modify, alter or enhance existing equipment. Create installations, conforms to the investment, operating and maintenance costs, and implemented in accordance with your needs. Our comprehensive experience and proven quality equipment guarantee high reliability. We take responsibility for monitoring effects of plants and equipment maintenance, thus leaving our clients the freedom to focus on their core business. Based on our expertise we optimize existing plant processes and make them more efficient. It is a power that makes us a particularly desirable partner in water treatment.

Customer-oriented, flexible and able to quickly respond to our customers in our actions within each industry projects with short lead times and at competitive prices. Our reference projects are located throughout the world. We strive to become a leader in the field of water treatment, nudecći full range of products and services for the chemical water. Identifying the weakness of tomorrow today, we have become a link between tradicionalonog experience and high-tech future.

We intend to implement our systems offer the most advanced water treatment technology for industry and households, increasing the quality and competitiveness of our customers, while smanjući cost of water production.

Our business philosophy "One-stop one place" allows customers and users of our services and products complete support, consulting, project development, installation and assembly ....
All in one place!

Service that provides 24-hour customer support:
delivery of spare parts
maintenance of equipment
repairs and interventions