Address: Vladislava Bajcevica 14, Mirijevo
Phone: 064/4030-104
CHINESE KITCHEN MING Chinesse cuisine Belgrade

Restaurant Asian cuisine "Fast food Ming" can be found in Belgrade, at Vladislav Bajčevića 14 to Zvezdara, specifically in Mirijevo. With a desire to spark your imagination and refined taste of exquisite Chinese dishes, we opened our restaurants healthy and irresistibly tempting foods, that will really impress.

We bring you the unique way in the form of irresistible dishes tradition and culture of Asia. Asian diet was always regarded since ancient times as a good source of longevity, primarily because of the quality and composition of foods and spices that make up its essence.

As the fast pace of life today is getting faster and faster, it becomes very difficult to find a way to bring into your diet as much healthy food. It is for this for sake of our Chinese restaurants are there to make changes in your everyday life and enrich the extraordinary tastes and smells of Asian cuisine.

On our menu you will find:

- Chicken, squid, pork, veal -
(In soy sauce with mushrooms, peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms in sweet and sour sauce, in a sweet and sour soy sauce, in a sweet and sour chili sauce, in ostiriga sauce, in curry sauce, Peking sauce, in SECU hot sauce, with seven spices, hoisin sauce in)
(Njenga, crispy chicken, beef on a hot skillet, royal chicken)
- Spring rolls -
(With meat and vegetables)
(Vegetables without meat, tofu with vegetables in soy sauce, vegetables in soy sauce)
- Rice and noodles -
(With eggs, curry, ham, eggs, vegetables)
(Mixed vegetables, sesame and Chinese vinegar, vitamin algae)
(Fried banana, fried pineapple, fried chocolate)
(Savory and sweet)

Radon time: 12h -23h Sunday we are closed.

Savour the tastes and aromas of Asian food.
Chinese food delivery to your home address.

"Fast food Ming", Centar, Novi Beograd, Beograd.