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COLLIN Beauty Center has for years been successfully engaged in the professional care of the face and body. In order to satisfy customer requirements and modern cosmetology, we chose top French professional cosmetics COLLIN RESULTIME.
Its concept is based on the physiology of Cosmetology and application of molecules that are already naturally found in the skin (collagen, hyaluronic acid, DNA, etc..) To delay the aging process. These molecules are very effective (clinically tested, are used in medicine), very confident (100% biocompatible, non-harmful) and an endless source of new opportunities for improving care.

The concept unidoze (treatments individually packaged for single use) allows precise dosing and preserve maximum efficacy of the preparations by the time will be used. All treatments and products are clinically tested and their effectiveness is proven and confirmed by experts and customers.

Our years of experience and top-notch professional cosmetics COLLIN RESULTIME can help you to solve various problems of the skin but also the best way to care for so long that she was healthy and beautiful.

In the showroom we can offer you:
- Skin examinations and expert evaluation of the condition of the face and body
- Individual approach to problem solving with the help of the latest achievements of cosmetology
- Clinically tested treatments and preparations for care at home
- Electroepilation most delicate areas of face and body
- Complete privacy in a nice environment

Mention some of the specific facial treatments.

For complete regeneration:
- Regenerating Professional Peeling Treatment combines action and AHA high concentration of natural skin molecules, particularly collagen and hyaluronic acid

Anti-aging treatment, hydrating and strengthening capillaries:
- Radiance Renewing Treatment is a joint action of 100% natural insoluble collagen, pure vitamin C, vitamin complex (A, E, B3, essential fatty acid) and oligo-elements (Mg, Cu, Zn)

To remove wrinkles and improve the tone:
- Cellular Wrinkle Treatment firmness latest range from Collin Resultime therapies in which the combined exfoliation like microdermabrasion and hyaluronic acid particles that seem real fillers fill wrinkles from within

Rejuvenation and removal of hyperpigmentation:
- WhiteEvidence Youth and Lightening Treatment combines Glyco-Lactic puling and mask rich in vitamin C and other effective substances for bleaching

For very sensitive skin:
- Anti-Ageing Calming Professional Treatment using a new balanced hydro-mineral system provides perfect care, moisturizing and calming sensitive skin

To remove the pores and radiant complexion:
- Refiner Pore Purifying Treatment caters to people who want the perfect skin texture, regardless of age or skin type

Care for the eye area:
- Eye Contour Treatment Professional Expertise supplying the eye area all the necessary materials to complete the regeneration

Body treatments are adjusted to current needs. Combine the peel based on Dead Sea salts, massage, and various packages that achieve immediate visible effects.

In the lounge you can also offer a complete range of products for the face and body of the program COLLIN RESULTIME. All products are clinically tested and can be used by people with the most sensitive skin.

Dear visitor, .">for any additional questions or information, you can contact us by phone at 011 311 5641 or 063 850 6802 or via the form on our website We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Dr. Jadranka Markovic