Address: 10/1 Kicevska st., Vracar
Phone: 011/4083-548, 062/8755-580

Sale of leftovers and a reduction of 20% on the entire range of materials (fabric, curtain).

"Roman Blind Mastery" craft center Vozdovac awaits you in Kicevska 10/1, in Belgrade. Over 2 decades of successful work abroad, experience and cooperation with numerous clients, including many celebrities, have enabled us to raise the quality of our work to a higher level and provide you with superior service.

Area of our work includes the design and sewing curtains, drapery, upholstery and cushions for different purposes. In a unique way, we want to make the world around you decorated with interesting details and handmade objects that will brighten up your daily routine.

Confident in the quality of our work, we invite you to familiarize yourself with beautiful hues and shades curtains, drapery and cushions for the furniture, which will refresh the space in which you live and work.

"Roman Blind Mastery" can offer sewing:

- Paketo blinds - roman blinds, Roman curtain
- All kinds of curtains
- Draperies
- Bedding and upholstery for furniture
- Upholstery for chairs
- Slava day tablecloth

In addition, we have materials at very affordable prices:
- Turkish materials
- Greek materials
- Syrian Materials
- Spanish materials

The most competitive and high quality of all possible wholesales in Belgrade.

Making curtains and draperies is done using materials of beautiful appearance, quality, high standards. In the colors, shades and combinations of your choice, we sewing curtains of different length for your living, bedroom or children's room.

We strive to provide our innovative solutions which complement the space has luxurious curtains and drapes, which will feature classic or modern style transform your environment into an oasis of peace and pleasure.

Working time:
- Weekdays from 09 - 17h.

Contact phones:
011/40 83 548
062/875 55 80

Knowledge of three European languages (German, Greek and English) for all possible foreign clients.

Sewing curtains and drapery, according to your preference and extent.

Creating a curtain from the finest materials.

Your safe choice.

Your "Roman Blind Mastery", Belgrade