Address: 18 Gruzanska st., Vracar
Phone: 069/200-80-53
LUCKY FITNESS Dancing schools Belgrade

Lucky fitness began work in 2012 with its diverse offer and in two years of work we have gathered around 100 regular members. We are located in an attractive location, well onnected with all parts of town. The terms take place throughout the day and were designed to suit any age group as well as any individual.

Train with us at home too!

Our users always get trainings of various dynamics and content.

Exercises that bring you into a state of emotional and mental balance

Body Power
High intensity training ideal for weight reduction, great for ladies and gentlemen. Props (weights, steppers, jump ropes, Bulgarian sacks)

Mix Fit
High intensity workouts based on engaging multiple muscle groups with props for the sake of strengthening and shaping your musculature.

Aerobic workouts of medium and high intensity ideal for improving overall condition of your organism

Lower intensity workouts that restore flexibility and shape the musculature.

Cardio Pilates
Medium to high intensity exercises that improve endurance, coordination, flexibility and joint mobility.

Exercises for body shaping and weight reduction that do not enumber your cardio vascular and bone system.

Training description
The first art (muscle flexibility) begins with flexibility exercises that are important to warm up the tendons, muscles, joints, ligaments and prepare them for the workout later. These exercises are important because they properly aim and accelerate our circulation while making s breathe so that during training oxygen can reach your lungs, heart, brain and other organs. The second part (exercises that shape muscles and endurance) include exercises with encumberance and shaping exercises and serves to increase muscle strength and endurance. These exercises engage the entire body, strengthen the tonus, joints and ligaments, define your body shape. Exercises are aimed for strengthening in depth muscles so that they change shape into the way they're supposed to look and work better. Every exercise is designed to preserve your lower back and knees. The third part - stretching - involves cooling down, recovery and relaxation. It is advised to exercise at least twice per week while doing various aerobic activities inbetween such as running, speedwalking, swimming, cycling and rollerblading.