Address: 120 Bulevar Zorana Djindjica st., Novi Beograd
Phone: 064/1713-160
DENTAL ORDINATION ORELJ Dental orthotics Belgrade

Dental Clinic " Dr. Mary Stosic Orelj " is located in Belgrade , at 120 Boulevard Zoran Djindjic on the ground floor . Modern surgery offers in one place a wide range of dental services , which will make sure your teeth are perfectly healthy and aesthetically beautiful.

In our work we use only the highest quality materials , which enable us to carry out repairs to your teeth and make sure your smile shine again . Dentist Dr. Mary Stosic Orelj has had a long experience in the practice of a significant number of successfully completed intervention .

Views in our dental office are completely free .

In the domain of our services includes:

- Preventive Dentistry
(removal of soft plaque , tartar removal ultrasound ... )
( composite and amalgam and white fillings , root canal treatment ... )
- Cosmetic Dentistry
( teeth whitening, cosmetic white fillings ... )
* Program for facial rejuvenation ( wrinkles correction with hyaluronic acid hyaluronic fillers)
(crowns and bridges , dentures , fitting attachments - hooks ... )
- Surgery
( extraction of teeth ... )
(treatment of periodontal pockets , gingivectomy , frenectomy ... )
(treatment of chronic diseases , reduction of painful conditions , neuralgia )

When it comes to quantum medicine in dentistry , it is possible the treatment of chronic diseases in dentistry in a completely innovative way . For several years now dentist Dr. Mary Stosic Orelj in his dental practice applying this form of treatment and achieved excellent results . Call the dentist's office for more information ...

Also , we deal with dental tourism. The fact that the high cost of dental services in Europe and the world , would cause people to look for affordable vision services and dental treatment . In our country dental tourism booming mainly because of the low cost of labor, small administrative costs and the ability to use high quality materials to repair teeth that are in line with international standards . You can rely on the services of our dental office when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness of interventions .

The number of our satisfied patients is the best recommendation of our dental practice to prospective clients and guarantee the quality of our dental services.

Stop by our dental practice and take care, health and beauty of your teeth .

Complete dental services in one place . For a beautiful smile and healthy teeth .

Dental Clinic " Dr. Mary Stosic Orelj " .