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Address: 35 Kostolacka st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/7985-046, 063/371-500

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Dental practice Heraclitus is one of the leading dental clinic in Belgrade in Kostolac Street at number 35 in Vozdovac, which provides complete dental care, using the latest technology and appliances. In the pleasant surroundings of our clinic, expert and professional team led by Dr. Daniel Stojanović, provides you with complete services: the simplest correction and repair of teeth, or teeth extraction and complicated and complex surgical procedures in the field of oral surgery.

Wishing to all of our patients with the best dental care, dentist Herkalit offers the following services:

- Preventive dentistry: reviews and regular checks, cleaning services, periodontal maintenance, sealants
- Restorative dentistry: crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, dental fillings, Porcelain Veneers, dentures
- Cosmetic Dentistry: teeth whitening
- Periodontal dentistry: diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gums, plaque removal, gum surgery
- Oral surgery: dental implants, tooth extraction, tooth apocotomy, complicated tooth extraction, surgical extraction of impacted third molars
- Root canal treatment
- Orthodontics
- Frenulectomy
- TM joint disorder
- Pediatric Dentistry

In practice Heraclitus we are committed to quality dentistry and achieving top results. On the way a beautiful smile the whole team is working on making each patient feel comfortable and comfortable in our office. Every patient is different, but in our work we use the most advanced and superiorinu technology that enables flawless beauty of your smile.

Working time:

Monday - Friday from 10h-20h
Saturday from 10h-15h
Emergencies by appointment.

Contact Information:

Address: 35 Kostolacka street ">Mail:
Tel: 011 / 798-50-46

Dental office in Vozdovac Heraclitus, Belgrade.