Address: 72 Bul. Kneza Aleksandra Karadjordjevica st., Savski venac
Phone: 011/2835-531, 064/1199-880
DETECTIVE AGENCY ANONIMUS Detective agencies Belgrade

Detective agency Anonimus Belgrade offers all kinds of professional security services in Serbia and abroad.

We offer five primary fields in which our detective agency works:

1. Detective services
2. Truth detector services
3. Forensic services
4. Physical and technological security
5. Safety consulting


- Surveillance, permanent tracking and supervision (80EU/day)
- Marital infidelity and adultery (80eu/day)
- Searching for missing persons (60eu/day)
- Checking state archives (60eu/day)
- Checking criminal records (100eu)
- Research in divorce settlements (80eu/day)
- Research in property disputes (80eu/day)
- Checking false sick leave and disability (80eu/day)
- Investigating cases of disturbance and threat (80eu/day)
- Charging claims for legal entities - 200/100/50eu
- Honey trap service - 150eu
- Investigating fraud and false insurance claims (80eu/day)
- Investigating business partners, competition and employees (80eu/day)
- Investigating people and exposing fraud (80eu/day)
- Drug addiction, religious sects and juvenile delinquency (80eu/day)
- Property search (60eu/day)
- Undercover infiltration - 100eu/day
- Searching for indebted persons 60eu/day
- Corporative investigation and legal entity investigation - 60eu/day
- Gathering information 60eu/day
- Operative field work 60eu/day
- Legal process services 80eu/day
- Investigating companies 50/100eu

Truth detector services

- Testing 100eu
- Truth detector testimony 100eu
- Court process testimony 100eu
- Testing past truth detector results 100eu
- Determining the truth of a statement 100eu
- Disproving false accusations 100eu
- Testing employment candidates 100eu
- Screening 100eu
- Interpersonal relations testing 100eu
- Testing for drug use history 100eu
- Professional interviewing and interrogation 50/100eu


- restoring deleted and damaged data 100eu
- mobile forensics 50eu/hr
- discovering and removing surveillance devices from:

1. objects - 1eu per square meter
2. vehicles - 50eu
3. phones and computers 50eu

- cracking codes on mobiles and computers 150eu
- monitoring computers with daily reports 150eu/month
- supervising computers wth daily reports - 150eu/month
- supervising mobile devices with daily reports and real time notifications 24h per day - 300eu/month


- GPS vehicle tracking - 30eu/month
- Video monitoring 80eu/month
- Alarm monitoring of objects 30eu/month
- Mobile security 80eu/month
- Physical security 170rsd/hour
- Public gathering security 280rsd/hour
- Setting up, installing, programming and maintenance for all protection and control systems per agreement


- Consulting 100eu
- Creating a safety plan - per agreement
- Safety assessment - per agreement
- Risk analysis - per agreement
- Checking security of IT systems - per agreement
- Penetration testing - per agreement