Detective agencies Belgrade

Address: 8 Glasinacka st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/3477-323, 011/3477-324, 064/400-6095, 060/347-3654

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Detective agency Seguridad in Belgrade deals with investigating, surveillance, searching for missing and escaped persons, following and tracking individual, checking the loyalty of spouses, revealing surveillance devices, checking company businesses

- Checking faithfulness of partners, adultery
- Finding surveillance devices
- Finding missing persons
- Checking the regularity of company business
- Price list for detective services

Prices for detective services depend on the length and complexity of the case, the number of people engaged in the case and the risk factors. For that reason detective services price varies from case to case.

Checking faithfulness of partners, adultery od 10.000rsd/day
Tracking and surveillance od 10.000rsd/day
Investigating individuals and revealing fraud od 10.000rsd/day
Finding and removing surveillance devices od 30.000rsd
Checking on business partners and employees od 10.000rsd/day
Searching for missing persons od 8.000rsd
Searching for stolen cars od 15.000rsd

SEGURIDAD for physical and technical security
was founded with the goal of providing complete physical technical security and detective services in Belgrade and around Serbia.

Physical security

Services of physical security of SEGURIDAD are based on the personal security of individuals, objects and events. Security workers SEGURIDAD have guarded some of the highest risk events and gatherings in Belgrade around Serbia.

We offer the services of securing all kinds of public events, manifestations, concerts, sporting events and all gatherings with smaller or larger number of participants

- Physical security for individuals, domestic and international citizens, VIP security.
- Physical security of sales objects, production plants and storage areas
- Physical security of gatherings, sporting events, concerts
- Physical security for diplomatic representatives
- Physical security of schools and kindergartens

We offer security and protection for junior and high schools and preschool institutions.

Price list for physical and technical security:


Physical security  od 165rsd/hour
Securing public events od 280rsd/hour
Mobile security od 9.500rsd/month
Alarm monitoring od 2.900sd/month
Video monitoring od 9.500sd/month
GPS vehicle tracking od 2.90sd/month