Domestic cuisine Belgrade

Address: nn Orahovacka st., Jajinci
Belgrade Phone: 063/232-016

4/ 5stars

In the edge of the city between Kumodraz and Jajinci settlements in a beautiful ambience of  an oak forest and near the Pharmacy university and Torlak institute there is the restaurant “Cerov lad”.

Here we serve traditional Serbian cuisine with the inevitable roast (pork, lamb, goat). The culinary delights of our chefs whether outdoors or indoors. Everything can be washed down with the best local wines with the exceptional service of our pleasant and kind staff who are all dressed in folklore outfits.

Restaurant is in ethno style and shows the spirit and the relics of a people while still keeping in touch with modern times. Here you can experience the spirit of Serbia, its untouched essence. All of this country’s beauty can be seen here in miniature, all authentic no matter where its from.

In addition to the pleasant interior, the surroundings gives you the feeling that you escaped the city hustle and bustle because the oak trees create a pleasant shade, murmurs of water may be heard and gentle old music is played while you reach us over the small wooden bridge and cobblestone.

For our guests we offer a parking lot with lots of spots.

This is the ideal place to celebrate your important date. It is equipped and ready to meet all your demands. Let your wedding be dreamlike – unusual, natural and away from the city crowds.

Very affordable prices will surprise you, especially if you reached us through

All you need to do is give us a call and you will be surprised and delighted by our service.

Cerov Lad, Belgrade