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Address: 30 Bircaninova st., 1st. floor, Slavija
Belgrade Phone: 011/2687-377, 064/1589-885

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Global Language Centre 

Global Language Centre is a centre for learning foreign languages and providing translation services. The Centre offers its students general, specific (vocational) and conversational language courses aligned with the levels of the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).

It was established by a team of people who have been working in education for 16 years. Their extensive experience is based on:

  • Direct teaching of children and adults in public and private schools
  • Connecting and networking the world of education and the world of work and their alignment 
  • Providing translation services (simultaneous and consecutive) to foreign companies and associations
  • Providing expert support to consultancies in implementation of IPA funds, through education quality standards development and delivery of modern methodology training courses for teachers in schools in Serbia.

In addition to spreading language knowledge as a map for the future, the mission of Global Language Centre is to transfer examples of good practice, acquired knowledge and experience to all students in an easy and simple way.

Our courses are intended for all age groups and knowledge levels.  Courses are delivered in groups of 5 to 7 students. Students are divided into groups based on their age and prior knowledge.

Teaching is delivered in the premises of the Centre in 30 Bircaninova St. (across the German Consulate) or in the premises of legal entities of our clients.  

For secondary school students and adults who have already learnt the language we organise entry tests comprised of written and oral parts. Based on the test results students are placed in the group which best suits them. The entry test is not taken by students who haven't previously learnt the language. All foreign language courses are aligned with the levels of the Common European Framework of References for Languages, which facilitates comparability of knowledge acquired.  

The following general language courses are on the Centre's offer:

  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Greek
  • Serbian for Foreigners
  • Language courses (which are not currently on the list) can be organised at request

Specialised (vocational) courses include acquisition of language knowledge and skills necessary for performing professional tasks. Prior to that, it is essential that students have the intermediate knowledge level, that is, B1 level of the Common European Framework of References for Languages, since in this way it is easier to master all contents envisaged by the course programme.  

During the course delivery special emphasis is placed on educational needs of every student. In order to master language skills more efficiently and effectively, in cooperation with students, the teacher develops learning plans for each student. Learning plans serve the teacher to monitor progress of every student on a daily basis. Students, on the other hand, use these plans to monitor their own progress. Implementation of the learning plan is monitored through comparing students' and teacher's evaluations.

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