Address: 35 Gospodar Jovanova st.
Phone: 011/2623-022, 2625-427
INSTITUTE FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGES Foreign languages schools Belgrade

The Institute for Foreign Languages was founded in 1953. It is the oldest and largest institution of the kind in the country. More than a hundred graduated philologists are employed at the Institute. They teach foreign languages to children and adults. Serbian as a second language is also taught at the Institute. The Institute has developed its own methodology based on current trends in teaching and research. The Institute also writes and publishes course books, dictionaries and other teaching materials for courses offered.

The Institute engages in the following activities:

  • teaching foreign languages to adults and Serbian to foreigners,
  • teaching foreign languages to pre-school and school children,
  • training teachers for using effective and current teaching techniques,
  • language testing and assessment,
  • research in linguistic and methodology as well as designing projects in those areas,
  • writing course books and producing teaching materials,
  • publishing,
  • recording and copying audio and visual material,

Activities of the Co. are conducted through the following Departments:

  • Department for Adults (I Department),
  • Department for Children (II Department),
  • Department for Research and Development (III Department)

and General Services:

  • Technical Support,
  • Human Resources and Legal Services,
  • Financial and Accounting Division.