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Company ARTIKO Bed & Sleep Ltd, was established in 1995 and is still engaged in the design and manufacture of upholstered furniture tailored and customized, interior furnishing, furniture for restaurants, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing and selling top quality beds and mattresses and other equipment for sleep . In our retail store, also has on offer a large selection of upholstery fabrics, artificial leather and leather most of the suppliers in the country, which greatly facilitates the customer to select an all in one place.

In every piece of furniture have been applied to our workshop invested a lot of effort, love and many years of experience of a master. Every detail is approached with care and with a selection of top quality materials, makes high-quality furniture and comfortable for many years.
As a special bonus, we offer customers the possibility of agreement on the model, measuring, filling, upholstery fabric and all other details related to the final look and functionality of the furniture, and if necessary, we offer a team of architects and designers in order to find the best solution for your space.
And as someone said: - "It is only when we get into the problem of choosing furniture as we see fit, in the desired dimension, in a certain pattern, while a high-quality and aesthetically like it to us, we understand how difficult and almost impossible to find the right furniture themselves. "
Just some of our references are: Coffee Dream (a total of 10 outlets), Novak restaurant, Pizzeria Balkan Express, Šumatovac restaurant, pizzeria Campo de Fiori, Malevila Restaurant, Cafe Code, River Restaurant, Hostel 360, Darex Home Ltd. and many others. Our furniture is also decorated homes and apartments, many famous and less famous person, who out of respect we do not want to name.
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Mob: 065/8031-131, 063/8031-131
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