Address: 399 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Phone: 063/288-280
GLASS ZIVKOVIC Glass, glass-cutters Belgrade

We offer a large assortment of services that we perform the requirements of our customers (clients). Representing all types of facilities such as: - banks, hotels, companies, and more ... Creating bulletproof glass in all thicknesses (optional client) from which to make a stair, staircase window displays and more. Production of various types of mirrors (all sizes and shapes) with fazetama, sandblasting the motive, the mirror in a frame ... Independent glass-cutter's craft store Misha - Zoka perform all types of glass-cutting services such as: * cutting measure all kinds glass, tempering glass, mirror manufacture, production of glass works, making the aquarium, sand blasting by motivation, all kinds of drilling holes (different sizes), all kinds of processing of regular and irregular shapes of glass, making pazete, picture framing and more much more, all the wishes of our valued customers (clients)