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Address: 17 Gospodar Jevremova st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/7225-555

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Fitness club "Axis gym" began work many years ago. We are located at 17 Lord Jevremova street in Belgrade as a space for aerobics and body building, on Dorcol.

Our fitness club is equipped with the most modern equipment for your successful coaching in the best possible conditions. Professional equipment owned by our fitness club will provide you with the most effective exercise to achieve the desired results.

At your disposal is more than 10 individual and group fitness programs under the guidance of our expert instructors and professional trainers. Their task is to instruct you in the most efficient way of training, to achieve remarkable results.

The programs that we offer are:
- Self-training
- Guided training
- Personal training

Modern interiors and our fitness clubs, are your best choice for effective training in a friendly environment. Our fitness clubs possess adequate ventilation and air conditioning systems for optimal conditions in their winter and summer. Our desire is to provide you with the opportunity to bring your form to perfection.
Available in our fitness club "Axis Gym" are you a modern locker rooms for your graderobu, as well as functional shower cubicle.

Experienced trainers and fitness instructors who work in our club will try to help you bring your look to perfection. Our programs are aligned with fitness programs at the global level, enabling us to offer you an effective workout and stretching of the body. We strive to make the experience that we collect through magazines, the Internet, conventions and professional literature, share with you, because we believe that only an active life can allow an individual to be healthy and happy with yourself.

Pilates is a very short time, become polularan in the world with us. Beneficial effects on the human body, which has pilates, make it perfect for all ages. It is not necessary to be at considerable physical strength to deal with Pilates. Our fitness club gives you the ability to edit and pilates your daily routine and make your life better.

If you want something faster and more intense workouts, there's our aerobics. Professional aerobics instructors, will allow you to remove the excess pounds and tighten your body.

Aerobic training in good company, your experience will be memorable.

Fitness club "Axis Gym" Dorcol, Belgrade.