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Our club is the oldest club in the city, there since 1985. We are officially registered as a bodybuilding, fitness and aerobic gym club in Belgrade. We were the first club that began to use the name gym, which is an abbreviation of the word Gymnasium - a place to exercise. Belgrade gym is one of the most successful clubs in competitive bodybuilding and fitness.

Thanks to Mr. Predrag Milosevic this club made a lot of top athletes and champions: Marko Dimirtijevic, Igor Milanovic, Mika Sudarević, Đuđić Borkovic, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Zoran Stankovic, Ana Ferenček, Pedja Stojnić, Igor Milanovic and many others. All these competitors are top coaches who have all their basic knowledge learned here and work successfully in the country and abroad.

Rapajić Aleksandra Milosevic is the champion of Belgrade, Serbia, Serbia, Balkans, Europe and the world of fitness, professional fitness competitor WFF federation president Nabba I WFF federation of Serbia, inhstruktor 8 types of aerobics (dance, jazzersize, hip-hop, tae bo, step, step dance, classic aearobik, combat) pilates, pilates and strečing.

Program Beo Gym-a:

Mix aerobics is a unique program that is designed for you Rapajić Aleksandra Milosevic, who was champion in our country and the champion of the Balkans, Serbia and the Council of fitness. This program has been designed in conjunction with popular music. Time begins to gently heat generation of the whole body as the warm-up exercise for predstojaće. After the warm-up starts slowly hopping in combination with dance elements and a gradual pace leads to the strongest pace of choreography.

Pilates is a sophisticated form of exercise that also develops specific muscle strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, thus achieving optimal physical balance. Pilates lengthens and tones the body, affects the elegant posture, releases stress, contributes to better self-control and greater self-confidence. This technique is also therapeutic exercise, so it is recommended for people with problems of musculoskeletal and joint composition.


Are you ready to dance, bring your body to a perfect look? That is exactly what gives you Zumba® Fitness program. It is an exciting, effective, easy to follow, inspired by the Latin dances, right fitness fun that also burns between 500 and 1000 calories per workout and that drives millions of people toward joy and health.

The basic set of Pilates exercises suitable for shaping and tightening the body. The program consists of light exercise combined with appropriate props and appropriate music. Training is recommended for people who make and rest and training with a pleasant shape your body, regain or maintain their elasticity and condition.

Tae Bo is an aerobic training combined movements of martial arts. Very intensive training starting slight warming, then follows the intense part of the training and the training ends and stretching exercises that are intended to create and zateanju body. Trainings are recommended for all energetic people, young people and those who feel young and energetic.

Body Scalpt

The circuit design exercises that are characterized by soft music and light movements. Suitable for elderly people who are no longer very active.

Fit kid

This program is characterized by a fitness program designed specifically for children, children in puberty early and middle age. The program consists of aerobic exercises and static-generating condition, substantially avoiding obesity (which is typical in this age), people become more elastic. They were designed and special exercises in pairs where children develop their mental and physical abilities, become more sociable or wider already existing circle of friends.

Dance school trick fx school of modern dance. Good atmosphere, modern and current music as well as attractive choreography with exercise for good shape and appearance for all ages. School of Dance is a solid foundation for later professional engagement in sports activities for excellent condition. Natalia and Sani you personally guided through the world of music and dance through which they passed many popular personalities. Special benefits for children. Contact phone: 064 / 350-50-95.

-Latin, Salsa, oriental dance, kick box, box recreation and more.


France 26 Beograd,
069 / 670-197
069 / 11-99-635
064 / 11-99-635
063 / 246-205

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