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Address: 4 Lazareviceva st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/3304-844

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Welcome to the Fitness Center BODYLAND , the club with 20 years long tradition. In our center we offer a variety of content: • Fitness programs with instruments - including professional cardio program and workout machines. Train in a pleasant atmosphere, with friendly staff. We offer the possibility of group and individual training and consultation with professional instructors. Opening hours club: Mon-Fri 10-22h, Saturday 10-20h, Sunday 14-20h. For more information, call 011/3304844. • Yoga - The ancient techniques of physical exercises (asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama), which originated in India where it is considered a means to enlightenment, that is. achieving unity with oneself and the universe (Brahman). In our club we offer programs Hatha Yoga Jasmine famous Puglia, the founder of Yoga in Serbia. Hatha Yoga is often used by people for many physical and mental well-being (insomnia, asthma, back pain and joint pain ...). Classes are held by Vukobrat Zorica, a longtime disciple and successor of the famous school of Yoga Jasmine Puglia. Classes are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays in two groups: 17-18h-19.15h and 18:15. For more information, call 011/3304844. • Pilates - exercise technique that simultaneously develops specific muscle strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, thus achieving optimal physical balance. Pilates lengthens and tones the body, affects the elegant posture, releases stress, contributes to better self-control and greater self-confidence. Classes are held on Tuesdays from 20.30-21.30h, Fridays 19.30-20.30-19.30 Sunday 18:30. For more information, call 011/3304844. • Tai Chi - sometimes more often applied as a martial art, the purpose of practicing Tai Chi Chuan, and today grows out of the struggle with another man in a fight with himself. In the struggle to acquire the discipline, persistence, persistence. In the battle for your health and longevity, a healthy body and healthy mind. Classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 19.30-20.30h. For more information 011/3304844.