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Address: 10 Vencacka sz., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 063/761-6627
Website: www.facebook.com/budafit?fref=ts

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We are located at 10 Novacka street in Zarkovo, entrance from Solunskih boraca street in Belgrade. With the desire that all the workouts go on under the supervision of a coach and guarantee results, we opened a very serious fit club away from city crowds and noise. After just one year we have had many satisfied customers who together with our professional assistance got their desired results. And when you are not feeling like training, we will take care of the motivation, advice and feeling of happiness during and after training.

Our trainings are based on the use of one's own body as the main requisites for achieving perfect physical and mental fitness.

Individualized group training
Our primary and most common program is that which adapts to each client a unique exercise program specific to each individual depending on their age health status, conditions of training and customer needs. It is important to note that every day in the next four months training is different compared to the previous makes us unique and special in the city.

The Individual Training (1 to 1)
The program that we also offer all interested customers the individualized exercise 1-on-1 where the coach works only with one client separately. You perform all the necessary measurements to create unique programs, and control measurement after a measurement.

Consultation on Nutrition
Our trainers can help you advice and recommendations on healthy and proper nutrition and can suggest you some corrections if necessary.

General popular pilates, its beneficial effect is intended for all those who want to improve the condition of your body as a whole. Club recreation BudaFit offers, depending on your age, desires, needs and physical abilities more types of Pilates.