Address: 19 Bulevar umetnosti st., Novi Beograd
Phone: 011/312-1234 , 064/110-5986
E-mail: milicazivanovic@hotmail.com
Website: www.elitfit.com
ELIT FIT - RECREATE CLUB Gyms, fitness Belgrade

Regular physical activity maintains good health, increase mobility, regulating metabolism, prevents the occurrence of obesity, slows aging, prevents the occurrence of stress, ie. impact on the overall positive psycho-physical state.
The Elite fitu held training sessions tailored to each individual character of the individual depending on age and level treniranosti a training place under the supervision of your personal trainer. Dates are scheduled exercise. We offer our clients and massage: - relax the whole body - relax the back - anti-cellulite - gold full body massage - gold back massage Elit fit next to the New Belgrade Arena, and offers practice only the fairer sex. The club is air conditioned and very comfortable atmosphere and a great place for a large car park and easy access to the site.