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Address: 10g Dzona Kenedija st., Novi Beograd- Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 063/456-663

4/ 5stars

Fitness club Life began work in 2003. We are located in the border of New Belgrade and Zemun at 10g Dzona Kenedija street. In our club we have semi-individual (small groups) and individual (1:1) trainings adjusted to each client individually based on their age and overall physical shape.

Exercising is done under the professional supervision of instructors where everyone follows their own type of program. With this type of exercise we engage all muscle groups, get in shape, shape our body, define muscles, lose weight, improve the physical condition and eliminate stress.

So exercise 3-4 times per week and see how your quality of life impoves.

Individual training 1:1 with a trainer this form of training is the best and advised for more ambitious exercisers, professional athletes and those with serious health issues.

Conditioning training sessions are intended for athletes who want to improve their physical endurance.

Come and let's exercise together.