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Address: Gandijeva 138, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 063/188-1631, 011/412-7622

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Ladies gym women's gym is located at 138 Gandi street in block 63 in New Belgrade. Our all-female gym after years of experience offers its members high quality conditions for recreational and professional trainings. In our offer we have all the segments of preparation for athletes, body shaping programs as well as Cardio fitness.

Whatever you might be expecting from your workout or whatever goal you might have set, we will help you achieve it by offering you the latest programs for preparing recreational and professional athletes. Our expert staff consists of the finest certified trainers and educated fitness instructors.

Exercises we offer:
Woman's gym New Belgrade and cardio
For all ladies who'd like to get in shape or form their bodies but can't fit their schedule for group trainings, you can ombine your time and number of sessions per month and the rest is our job.

Individual training
We'd like to suggest personalized training designed according to your needs and abilities with constant supervision of a trainer who takes care of your every movement.

Individual-group training
Practice with your chosen company with the supervision of a personal coach (bring your mom, sister, friend...). With our personal coach and good company exercising will be fun and efficient.

Test training
First two trainings are free for the sake of testing for visitors of 011info website, if you tell us when joining that you found us through this portal. We will help you decide if the women's gym Ladies is the right choice for you.

In air conditioned halls (two parts gym and fitness hall) with perfect organization and supervision we offer all services needed for your healthy workout. The optimal physical exertation in our relaxed atmosphere will get you into excellent and mental form without exhaustion.

Kontact info

Ghandi 138, block 63, New Belgrade (the shelter area)

Phone: 064 188 16 31

Phone: 011 412 76 22