Address: 11v/2 Djordja Stanojevica st., Novi Beograd
Phone: 011/7700-716
BEAUTY CLUB VOODOO Hairdressers Belgrade

Studio beauty Beauty Voodoo club is located at George Stanojevića 11v in Belville, in the municipality of Novi Beograd. In addition to standard cosmetic and hairdressing services we have become known for the highest quality hair care preparations and superb facial and body treatments.

In the pleasant surroundings of our salon in Belleville you can relax in the experienced hands of our stylists who will make sure that your hairstyles are in line with your face shape, length and quality of hair.

From hairdressing services we offer:
- shearing
- blow
- painting
- Stripping the hair
- Hair treatments
- hair extension
- Hair tinting

The staff of our beauty studio will make sure that the time you spend in our lounge is relaxing and comfortable with our professional massage with exotic oils "Esensa Mediterranean". Also within our beauty corner in Belleville we have services of aesthetic and medical pedicure.

Radiowave treatment for the skin of the face, neck and chest using the unipolar radiowave machine is achieved in just 20 minutes and offers lasting hydration, improved elasticity and higher firmness of the skin, and therefore reducing wrinkles.
Since treatment, in addition to the current effect retraction already existing collagen, further stimulates the production of collagen, the treatment has a stimulating effect and extended in the next month.

Body treatments
Cavitation is a painless and noninvasive method based on ultrasound, which provides fast, safe and effective removal of local fat on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips, knees, upper arms, both women and men!
The method uses ultrasonic waves at certain frequencies, focused through the skin at a specified depth, targeting fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue.

Cavitation is particularly indicated for use:
- Reshaping the figure and removal of localized fat deposits
- Reduction of cellulite
- To improve the quality of the skin, connective tissues and local blood circulation

Treatments are performed once a week with accompanying lymph drainage. The number of treatments is determined individually made after consultation and review. On average it takes 5-8 treatments per region.

Results are visible immediately after the treatment has been done. Be sure the measurements before and after treatment, which conclude the loss of volume on average 2-4cm, depending on the treated region.

For all the ladies who want to pay attention to their nails, we offer services superior manicure:
- nail extension
- Chiropody
- correction
- Strengthen nails
- varnishing
- Nail art

there are also:
- Solarium - solarium with stagnant vibe board, sunbathing with a light training
- Classical massage, anti-cellulite massage and vacuum treatment (hardware)
- Facial (deep cleansing treatments ampoules)
- Intervention using hyaluronic fillers, botox, biopolymer in cooperation with a specialist in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Phone: 011/77 00 716
Mobile: 063/137 86 72

Working time:
Monday-Saturday: 09-21h
Sunday: 12-20h

Nail and nail art in Belleville.

Cavitation and wrists in one place.

Professional tinting hair and hair extension in Belleville.