Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 37 Antifasisticke borbe st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 063/886-02-54

4/ 5stars

Visit us in pleasant surroundings, at the location where our male hairdresser "DODO" has been for 7 years already, near the Arena in New Belgrade, at 37 Antifasisticke brigade!

Our 15- years of experience, as well as cooperation with the most famous manufacturer of hair care products "L'Oreal", speaks about the seriousness with which we approach the work with our clients.

It's up to you to choose a hairstyle before or decide when you come visit us, and we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with its appearance.

Along with shortening the hair, you can also get a massage and relax, a treatment for hair loss, as well as the treatment of scalp follicle stimulating crown proven that we do, "L'Oreal" 's product.

In addition to these treatments, you can also dye gray hair, which we can safely say that not even your closest family will notice "L'Oreal" 's hair color, intended mainly for the male population, the natural look is the primary one.

What we offer is the excellent quality of service, and it should be a sufficient guarantee for cooperation to our mutual satisfaction.
You show us your trust, and we will make every effort to justify the us the opportunity to cooperate with you!