Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 36 Gospodar Jovanova st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/366-051

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At La Bioesthetique salons you can schedule special hair care treatments recommended for various scalp or hair problems such as:

- Dry and damaged hair
- Irritated skin
- Chronic dandruff
- Increased head sweating
- Greasy hair
- Treatment for athletes
- Treatment for those who wear protective headgear daily

Let our experts take care of you and help your hair be healthy and therefore beautiful.

- Hair care
- Vitalisante method for treating delicate head skin and damaged hair
- Normalisante method that treats sweaty and greasy scalp
- Pelicules method removes dandruff
- Anti-freeze care for hard to manage hair
- Regeneratne method against hair loss
- Stabilisante method for thin hair
- SOleil method for treating hair after and during sun exposure
- Cheveux longs  for long hair
- Structure - intensive care
- Daily beaute - everyday hair care for the whole family
- Dermosthetique - anti-age
- Natural cosmetics
- Biosthetics classic white line for hair shaping
- Biosthetics fine blue - for thin and sparse hair shaping
- Biosthetic trend red line for hard to maintain hairstyles
- Tint and tone advance - advance coloring system
- X dream removing color, bleaching and lightening
- Treatments

Salons that work with LB all have a pleasant and positive atmosphere where everything is focused on the client. Every visit to our salons is a pleasant experience.

La Biosthetique product don't just take care of visual issues, they offer in-depth nurturing. By proper selection of adequate products, you can resolve even the most complex scalp and hair issues.