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Address: 6 Osijecka st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 063/353-054

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Hair styling salon Team Code is located in Ban's hill at 6 Osjecka street in Belgrade.

By expanding our offer in addition to hairstyling services we can also offer you many treatments and packages that will deeply reover your hair. We work only with high quality products that are acknowledged around the world when it comes to hair care. We use ammonia free dyes that do not damage the hair.

It is our goal to make sure your hair is healthy, strong and glossy at all times. We believe that beautiful hairstyle depends primarily on the care dedicated to the hair. It is for that reason that we opt for treatments that regenerate the hair structure and make it more beautiful and fluttery. Hair care at our salon will be an experience to remember.

Hairstyling services that our Team Code salon offers include:
- Women's hairstyling - long and short hair
- Men's hairstyling
- Children's hairstyling
- Hairstyles
- Foil highlighting
- Blow drying for short, medium and long hair.
- Dyeing hair blonde
- Dyeing hair using your own dyes
- Long hair perm
- Coloring grown-out hair
- Creating prom hairstyles for women - buns
- Creating prom hairstyles for men
- Braids

If you are attending a formal events it is our warm recommendation that you opt for one of our unique formal hairstyles. We'll make sure you look extremely elegant and beautiful

The perfect way to straighten your hair and make it irresistible is our Brazillian hair package. The property of ceratin packaging is that it adds a new, in-depth layer to the hair, making it more volumous. Seeing how the ceratin is a protein located naturally in he hair it is not a harmful substance that can damage your hair. The Brazillian ceratin package will make your hair straight in the period of 3-9 months depending on the thickness, type and quality of the hair.

The men and women's hair stylist Team Code lets you change your hairstyle and introduce a novelty into your life. The hair care at our salon is the best you can afford to yourself.

In the very pleasant ambiance of our hairstyling salon you will be met with our kind and smiling professional staff who will make sure that your hairstyle suits your appearance. The styling of the hair at our salon will make sure that you have a hairstyle that will bring out your facial features and show you in the full glow.

In order to complete your look in addition of numerous hairstyling services we also offer cosmetic treatments:

- Waxing
- Nail extensions
- Manicure
- Nail painting

Working hours:
Workdays 9AM - 7PM
Weekends: 10AM - 4PM

Hairstyling salon, men and woman's hair dresser Belgrade.