Address: 32 Hazarska st., Zvezdara
Phone: 060/3168-357, 069/316-3182
SVETI GRAL HOME FOR OLD Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

The Sveti Gral home for the elderly is the place where your loved ones are looked after the professional medical staff. All who require care and accomodations are welcome at our home. For people who have difficulty moving we offer special treatments to ease their stay and provide eventual needed aid. Medical care is available 24/7.

The medical supervision also involves medication therapy when needed. At the Sveti Gral home for the elderly special care is given to following perscribed to our users. When needed we organize a special team of doctors for examinations.

Accomodation capacity for the elderly Sveti Gral in Belgrade

The rooms at our home for the elderly Sveti Gral are neat, pleasant and decorated to make our users feel pleasant and can easily reach everything they need such as the dining room, kitchen, living area and others. We also have wheelchairs and aides for those who need them. Currently we have 20 beds.

Special attention is given to patients who cannot function on their own or use their own therapy. We are always ready to call emergency medical services whenever necessary.

The services we offer:

- Doctor and medical staff
- Kind and cheerful caretakers
- Physical therapists and masseuses
- We organize emergency medical assitance when needed
- We bring in specialist doctors
- Social workers
- Meals are delivered from the restaurant
- Catering
- Visit throughout the day
- Family atmosphere
- Transport is provided

What the home for the elderly Sveti Gral in Belgrade is really special for is our affordable stay price which is better than anything else available in the city.

We try to offer affordable prices while maintainign the high level of quality service. The family atmosphere, kind and cheerful caretakers will make you feel at home while not worrying about financial expenses.

32 Hazarska street, Zvezdara Belgrade
Phone: 060/316-8357 Olja Aleksić
Phone: 069/316-3182 Zoran Aleksić